RLTY CHK is a Los Angeles based immersive entertainment studio which blends story, technology, and community to transform the way we are entertained.

Casual Content Unlocks Technology  

Immersive technologies including virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, eSports, voice skills, and chatbots are completely changing our world. Soon, they will change how we are entertained.

Historically, it takes the marriage of casual content with new technologies to bring new experiences mainstream. From the earliest game shows like DR IQ on radio and TV, to Pong at arcades, then FarmVille on smart phones, it is the seemingly simple content that brings about technological change.

RLTY CHK is carrying on this tradition to bring immersive experiences to the world.

What is a Reality Check? 

Lucid dreaming used to be the only (legal) way to control a reality that looks and feels like our own. A ‘Reality check’ is a technique used to see if you are dreaming or in reality. Since switches don’t work in dreams, the most common reality check is to turn on the lights. If the switch works, you’re in the real world. If doesn’t, chances are you’re in a dream. Or your light is broken – which can lead to a strange distortion of reality.

Soon, the light switch will be a portal to infinite realities.

Virtual reality will soon surpass lucid dreaming in offering an indistinguishable simulation of reality. Within 10 years this reality and simulated reality will blur. It won’t be possible to tell the difference between realities. In fact, we may learn there is no difference.

Compete for the high score in this fast paced, addictive virtual reality block puzzler designed for the HTC Vive! Inspired by 1980’s Synthwave with an original score, Block Wave will keep you immersed for hours.





Thirst VR
A battle rages over the last of the worlds water. Your transport train is the only hope for thousands. Protect the train - Humanity's survival depends on it!
As seen at GDC, VRLA and SIGGRAPH VR Village... Compete to be the ultimate game show champion in VR Trivia Battle, a social VR trivia experience filled with big choices and crazy shenanigans! Available NOW!