Block Wave – Power Update!

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Block Wave VR Update with bombs, new maps and new songs!

We’ve just released a major update to Block Wave which includes lots of requested features from the community! It is now live on the Steam Store!

4 modes of difficulty – We know people have had a hard time when first starting out to understand the controls. By starting out in easy you have a low pressure way of practicing. Level up to ultra for the ultimate challenge!

New board types – Each mode of difficulty has a different style board. Check out Hard and Ultra for something totally different.

4 new songs – Composer Steve Page has created four awesome new songs to play to.

Bombs – Earn bombs for clearing rows and use them to destroy mistakes.

Block sliding – You can now slide pieces into spaces (instead of the block ‘locking’ into place right when you place it). As long as you keep the trigger button held down, you can slide your piece into holes in the board.

Bug fixed & optimization – Squashed a handful of bugs and optimized for the best playing experience.

Let us know what you think!

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