It’s bonus time for Thirst!

 In Games

Our #1 request from fans has been health bonuses. We went one step further and made all sorts of crazy power ups, along with a global leaderboard and updated enemy mechanics!


  • +10 Health
  • Shield – 15 seconds where you can’t get damaged
  • Crazy Fire Machine Gun – Twice as fast, twice as deadly
  • Ultra RPG – Reduced RPG recharge rate from 15 seconds to 1. Go crazy!
  • Super Grenade – Rare but BIG!

Console Display – No one was using the watch to get their health stats, so we moved that over to the console. It shows health and points, and when a bonus is active it shows you which bonus and how long is left.

Updated enemy mechanics – The beginning is easier, the ending is much harder 🙂

Global Leaderboard – Compete for the all time high score!

More performance updates – Although we fixed the performance issues with our October update we find more ways to tweak and improve.

The update is now live in Steam VR for the HTC Vive!

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