Thirst VR Update is Live!

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A few months ago we released a test version of Thirst, our first attempt at a virtual reality game. It was “a mess” (as one reviewer rightly put it) but there was a glimmer of something really fun. Encouraged by a ton of support  we decided to keep going. In fact, I quit my job to go at VR full time with my business partner.

Our team of three has been working on it non-stop. It has a long way to go, but today we’re excited to release this huge update to Thirst! New map, new guns (Oh yes, there’s an RPG), new enemies and much better performance.

While this is technically a new game, we didn’t want people who supported us early on to have to purchase it again. Everyone who has Thirst should have the update now in Steam. For those of you who don’t, it’s available on the Steam Store.

The world is running out of water. Your train delivers water to the last Survivors. Protect it!

Immerse in this VR exclusive on-rails shooter that is literally on rails. Duck and cover as you switch between your machine gun, RPG, grenades and shield. You must battle wave after wave of enemies whose goal is simple; Kill you and get the water.

Save the water. Save the world!

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