Virtual Reality Social Game Show, VR Trivia Battle, Launches Exclusively on Viveport

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Virtual Reality Social Game Show, VR Trivia Battle, Launches Exclusively on Viveport
Players compete in live trivia with unique mini-games to do whatever it takes to win

LOS ANGELES, Calif., October 3, 2018 — The first of its kind virtual reality game show, VR Trivia Battle, launches today on Viveport Subscription with exclusive avatars and tournaments for players.

VR Trivia Battle evolves the classic game show experience and brings it to virtual reality so that anyone, anywhere, can be a game show star. The game features over 10,000 fun and challenging questions, dozens of avatars and three unique game play modes.

“Game shows have been an effective way to bring audiences to new technologies, from television to mobile,” said RLTY CHK CEO Nicholas Robinson. “With VR Trivia Battle, we set out to do the same for virtual reality and create a compelling experience for a mainstream audience.”

VR Trivia Battle Modes

Players compete in three rounds of trivia, along with three unique mini-games, while doing whatever it takes to win – including throwing pies and bonking each other with a mallet.

  • In single player mode, players compete against the cunning Quiz Queen, an AI opponent who never holds back.
  • Classic mode pits two players against each other, with the quick-witted Host Bot Harry in front of the podium.
  • Trivia Royale mode is the ultimate social experience where 3 to 8 players compete against each other. Chaos ensues where the last player standing wins it all!
  • In host mode, influencers and fans alike can qualify to be the game show host and run their own game show
  • All game modes end in the ultimate choice – to fight or flee.

Formally known as Kiss or Kill, this innovative VR game show experience has been showcased at GDC, SIGGRAPH, VRLA and First Look and will be available exclusively to Viveport subscribers until October 23rd. During this exclusive launch, Viveport will host exclusive tournaments where players can win real prizes in addition to VR glory.

“We can’t wait for Viveport subscribers to play VR Trivia Battle with their friends and family,” said Rikard Steiber, President of Viveport. “This highly social experience, coupled with the hit game show genre, is sure to be a winning formula for Viveport’s customers.”  

VR Trivia Battle is also available at VR arcades across North America, including Springboard, CTRL V, and Private Label locations. VR Trivia Battle will be available on Steam and the Oculus store starting October 16, 2018.

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RLTY CHK is a Los Angeles-based immersive experience studio, set to create the next generation of entertainment through the fusion of story, technology and community. RLTY CHK has created and released the hit VR on-rails shooter THIRST and block puzzler BLOCKWAVE. Learn more at or @RLTYCHK.


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